Putting two early words together


Why is this important?

As children are beginning to string words together, words such as ‘more’, ‘gone’ and ‘bye-bye’ can be added to the object names that the child has acquired. They are a fun and easy way to develop two-word phrases. These are often referred to as pivot phrases.


What to do – ‘more’

  • Choose high-interest items for this activity!
  • Break a biscuit, apple, banana, piece of toast into small bite-size pieces and pass the child a small piece to eat.
  • When he/she reaches or vocalises for ‘more’, say ‘more biscuit’ and pass over another piece.
  • As this becomes consistent, encourage the child to ask for ‘more’. Pause as he/ she is reaching to give a chance for the word to be used.
  • Remember – it doesn’t matter if the word isn’t perfect!
  • When the child is using ‘more’,encourage joining the ‘more’ with the item (e.g. ‘more apple’).
  • Blow bubbles: encourage the child to say ‘more bubbles’ before you respond.


What to do – ‘gone’

  • Gather together a box or bag and some everyday objects/toys.
  • Encourage the child to post the objects into the box/bag.
  • As each one is posted, you say ‘gone’.
  • Now pause after each object has been posted, waiting to see if the child will copy.
    • When the child is consistently using ‘gone’, begin to join ‘object + gone’ as the child posts the objects or puts them away in the bag

(e.g. ‘keys gone’, ‘brush gone’).