Understanding more complex instructions


Why is this important?

This activity will help children follow three key words in a sentence, thereby developing verbal understanding.

What to do

  • Three-word level instructions can be given during any and all daily activities. In this way teaching and learning opportunities are available throughout the day.
  • Gather together the following:
    ★ Doll, teddy (or alternative toy character). ★ Flannel, hair brush.
  • Play together using the items to ‘wash’ and ‘brush’ doll/teddy’s body parts.
  • Encourage the child to listen and then give an instruction using three key words:
    ★ ‘Wash teddy’s feet.’ ★ ‘Brush doll’s hair.’
    ★ ‘Brush doll’s hand.’

N.B. Try to remember not to look at, point to or give any visual clues

(you can do this if you need to ‘Step down’).

  • If the child doesn’t quite get it right, acknowledge what he/she has managed, repeat the instruction and then gently prompt/guide the child towards the correct toys. Repeat the instruction as you guide or the child copies you.